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We create and export a diverse assortment of sofa side table as pr the designing aesthetics of our clients. Since we offer various makes of sofa side table we are highly appreciated and accepted by our clients. Our ability to make tailor made solutions make us more relevant to our clients requirements. This range comprises of:

Restaurant / Dining Chairs

Item Code: 184-New

Luna / Mox/Club/Peacock/Jewel

Classic,Magnificent and Timeless. These singles seaters are certain to raise brows and make jawlines fall.

Premium Sofas

Item Code: 151N


Bold and beautiful, these sofas are very stylish yet very corporate. Put them against a stark white or a black backdrop and watch them enliven the interiors.

Premium Sofas

Item Code: 152N


Zig, when others zag, Or simply lay them up and straight. These geometry-inspired series in sofas makes an impression that is chic and to the point.

Sofa Styles

Item Code: 153N


Sophisticated and minimalistic, this series in sofa adds a touch of elegance to your personal cabin or lobby or reception area. Their super-soft make further takes away the stress from power-meetings and high level rendez-vous.


Item Code: 154N


Good enough to sashay down the ramp, this series in sofas has a timeless appeal. Available in classic colours with lifestyle materials, these sofas resonate sheer luxury.

Sofa Styles

Item Code: 155N

This Sofa series reflects a dream combination that is high on style and easy on maintenance. Take them to your reception area or put them in a hotel lobby to create that five star ambience.

Sofa Styles

Item Code: 156N

Accord / Mirror

Square, rectangle, elongated. This series in sofa blends in sitting arrangements and tables in shapes that are crisp and edgy.

Trend-Setters Sofa

Item Code: 158N

Available in knight black and cigar brown, this series is a masterpiece in leather. The metal railings further add that metallic look that voices sheer glamour. 

Trend-Setters Sofa

Item Code: 157N

Colors / Square / Rewards

Chic geometry and a bright color pallette come together to make this series in sofas hot and hit among restaurants, pubs, clubs, lounges; as well as offices that reflect a young and vibrant personality.

Trend-Setters Sofa

Item Code: 159N

Bella / Ferry / Adams / Garfield

The much renowned British, stiff upper-lip translates itself in to this series that is absolutely shrew and no-nonsense.

Trend-Setters Sofa

Item Code: 160N

Platinum / Ultra / Orchid

Nature has no sharp edges. Then why should your sofa? Specially since it belongs to an industry that thrives on smooth service and great looks. Accentuated by easy curves and ultra-soft materials, this series in sofa goes a long way in keeping the customers happy in the hospitality business.

Trend-Setters Sofa

Item Code: 161N


The corporate dress code translates itself in to seating systems that are as clean and crisp. Adorned in a number of colour variations, this padded all over for extra comfort presents itself as a single, two and three seater, alongwith cushions and puffy.

Trend-Setters Sofa

Item Code: 162N


This ultra-chic, super plush sofa team lets you strike a pose in that new cocktail dress or catch-up with the who's who of the society. Available in striking colors and sofa variations, this series in sofas also includes square cushions and a puffy.

Contemporary Sofa

Item Code: 163N

Oliva / Apium / Chocolava

Modern lifestyle demands objects of desire are experimental but not in your face. This series in sofas is at the heart of the metro way of life as it takes the mix-n-match concept to your seating.

Contemporary Sofa

Item Code: 164N

Marigold / Eve

Marigold takes the tubby look to a new level by lending it a feminine touch that is both graceful and elegant. Seen best in earthy tones, this series in sofas is a combination of single seaters, side tables and lavish two seaters.

Contemporary Sofa

Item Code: 165N

Plum / Baccardi / Broccoli / Genesis

Let retro styles make a comeback in your interiors. This series in sofas lets you relive the yesteryears with a touch of future technologies.

Contemporary Sofa

Item Code: 166N


The magical era has always inspired many an artists. This sofa set moulds the essence of comforts and grandeur of the yesteryears in a way that blends in with today's, modern lifestyle.

Suite Sofa

Item Code: 167N

Prestige / Lazy / Emotion

Wood has always had that timeless appeal. This series in sofas team plays hide and seek with this classic material while stirring-in a style that lends a legendary appeal.

Suite Sofa

Item Code: 168N

Herbie goes bananas; and sofas go herbie with this classic beatle-looking sofa sets that are real head-turners. Put them up against a stark red wall or place them in a wooden background and see how they change the ambiance.

Soft Sofa

Item Code: 171N

 Lilac / Topaz/ Comforty / Florence

Turn your reception in to a tourist destination with this high-on-demand sofa sets that guarantee eye-balls.


Item Code: 170N

Logan / Cadell

Sink-in to the luxury of this super-soft sofa series that lets one sit, stretch, and cuddle-in with their favourite book or movie.


Item Code: 172N

Frenchline / Neos / Solitaire / Laurel / Fraise

What's life without a little bit of colour? This series in sofas splashes oodles of colors in solids and stripes. Choose one to match your tastebuds.


Item Code: 173N

Candy / Nick / Anchor / Benzy

Tell them who the boss is without saying it. Created for those in control, these single seaters sofas reflect a commanding personality with grace.


Item Code: 174N

Spice / Hacker / Aroma / Drape

A dynamic and contemporary look marks this series in sofas to make it apt for offices, lounge areas, et al, that voice a go-getting attitude.


Item Code: 175N

Glory / Atrium / Fantasy / Glamour

Either you will love them; or you'll really love them. As the name suggests, these single seaters seem straight out of a fantasy, fairy tale or a dream. Not to mention their superb contours and interesting colors that take them a notch above the ordinary.


Item Code: 176

Haute comes to sofas with these masterpieces that are marked with high arm rests and pillow back support. Needless to mention the teakwood frame that adds to their fashion quotient.

Lounge / Tub Chairs

Item Code: 177N

Fushia / Rushia

One look at these tubby-bubby series and the mind instantly relaxes. But take a seat and experience finer nuances such as the plush surface, excellent back support and comfortable arm rests.

Lounge / Tub Chairs

Item Code: 178

Juniper / Avacado/Jasmin/Jamaica

The tub series in chairs gets a new avtaar with this hi-profile leather/fabric attire. The intense colors further add to the formal dress code.

Booth Seating Sofa

Item Code: 179N

Chorus / Bespoke

Add a new dimension to your restaurant or cafes with this bright and hatke sofa seating systems.

Booth Seating

Item Code: 180N

Crunchy / Munchy / Usetec

Restaurants by the sea or cafes with that coveted chef make themselves even more sought-after with these premium seatings. One can even opt for a color and fabric co-ordinated or in contrast with the mood.

Executive Dining Chairs

Item Code: 181N

Executive Dining Series - Turbo / Tofu / Tofi / Delta
Set an ambiance that is sophisticated to the core with these no-nonsence seating systems. Rest assured, they will get the Page 3 personalities, talking.

Executive Dining Chairs

Item Code: 182N

Kraft ( H) / Kraft / Turbo / Flaxes

Raise your spirits with these hip and hot bar stools and chairs that are ideal for pubs, lounges, restaurants, ice cream parlours, etc.

Restaurant & Dining Chairs

Item Code: 183N

Easy / Casablanca / Maze / Elisha / Lily / Ruby

Redefine executive dining areas with these interesting chair series. Go for the one that is in tandem with your customer profile and ambiance.

Restaurant / Dining Chairs

Easy / Casablanca / Maze / Elisha / Lily / Ruby

Redefine executive dining area with these interesting chair series.Go for the one that is in tandem with your customer profile and ambience.

Occasional Chairs

Item Code: 185N

Mod / Milton / Lounge 05 / Ash / Impex

Birthdays, anniversaries, award functions…. Now how about making even your chairs raise to the occasion? Cheers!

Classic Sofa

Item Code: 186N

Eros / Aura / Taj / Lounge

Solid, sturdy and great looking, this series in sofa is crafted with pure teakwood, making it truly a connoisseurs delight.


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